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Jey Jey is a contemporary kitchen with technically evolved solutions, such as the handle integrated into the door and components with a simple design, which guarantee an original composition and an increasingly personalised style. The Jey doors are available in various woods and colours which can be combined with each other, giving free rein to your imagination and personality in the kitchen and the living area of your home. The colours and woods can be combined to achieve attractive and creative colour solutions. In the Total Colour version, the new solid colour doors are combined with the matt finish top, while the Total Wood version maintains all the warmth of the wood with a real touch effect. Jey is a youthful kitchen with an attractive design and larger than ever spaces for contemporary, elegant and simple settings. The Made in Italy brand has been interpreted with an evolved and refined style, creating a trendy and recognisable kitchen with strong and functional details and offering the chance for new spaces opening into the living area.

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Agate grey (opz.9625)
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