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29 Mar 2018
Minimal open space environment featuring tall units with pocket doors
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Owing to the popularity of open space environments, the need to rearrange spaces and adapt the home to new requirements is a growing concern.

Cucine Lube introduces its customers to equipped tall units with pocket doors that conceal appliances and create lots of additional space to arrange utensils and accessories.

This solution is ideal for having visible storage space only when required.

The tall unit with pocket doors ensures enhanced functionality when its interior sections are optimally equipped. The environment will appear clean, sober and free of any obstacles, with the tall units containing the following elements:

  • compartments
  • pull-out shelves
  • drawers
  • ovens
  • any other element that enhances comfort in using the kitchen

In modern homes where open space environments have become rather common, tall units with pocket doors are ideal for adapting your home to current needs.